Monday, October 19, 2015

Needed Items

Every year we provide a list of items we need for our families. This year is no different, and neither is the list. We need the following. And they should be brand new.

McDonald’s Gift Certificates

Light Bulbs

School Supplies – Packages of loose leaf paper, 
Washable and regular Markers, Rulers, 
Highlighters(teen-agers), Pencils,
Pencil Sharpeners, colored pencils, 
folders, notebooks,
Pencil cases, crayons,
New Backpacks

Fruit Snacks
Baby bottles or any other infant items,
Sippy cups or any other toddler items,
Cheese and Crackers (Individual 
Serving Size), Combs/brushes,
Granola Bars,
Shaving cream and good shavers 
(not Dollar store shavers),
Tic Tacs or rolls of lifesavers,
Packs of playing cards,
Halloween Candy, Dress-up Stuff,
Shopping Bags, Gift Boxes,
Disposable Cameras, Playing Cards
Sudoku books,  Crossword puzzle 
books, Tooth Brushes, Toothpaste,  
Floss, Boxes of Candy Canes,
New Plush to fit into a stocking,
ANY items for teenagers,
Nail polish / nail files, Nail Clippers
Personal size lotions / shampoos etc.

These items can be dropped off at City Hall or Memorial Park when we begin our collection. Thank you.

This year we have decided to participate in a special project. Two of our workers took ill during the past two years. After their hospitalization, they were sent to a facility called Providence Health Care, located at 128th and Central in Palos Heights. The care was phenomenal. Providence can use a helping hand. Considering they have helped a lot of Blue Islanders and will help more in the future, we volunteered to take up a collection. Asked what they needed, they said things like adult size white socks, body and/or hand lotion, large count puzzles (looking for thicker puzzles that are easier to handle by people with limited dexterity), playing cards, snacks, Polident, puzzle books, simple games like checkers or chess (nothing complicated like Mousetrap or Twister), hand held or make-up mirrors, gifts for Bingo like snacks, small stuffed animals, etc., birthday cards (residents want to send cards to their families), gift bags with tissue (residents will win a prize while playing Bingo and want to give that prize away as a gift), dollar store gifts like jewelry, holiday pins, cologne, etc., would be appreciated. Again, donations can be dropped off at City Hall or Memorial  Park.